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New Products

Check out our new selection of accessories including Floggers & Dragon Tails. The Jacob's Ladder, is finally finished. Now carrying a new product line -LeatherBear Skin & Hair Products.  Still in development is a 40 inch portable Stock, that totally brakes down into a 40 x 6 x 11 carryall., and a Floor Stockade that keeps the sub on their knees and elbows locked in Ankle and Wrist Stocks. As well as Two new designs that are in the works include the Bondage Coffee Table (Mom will never know) and a 10 ft fold up Rack.

Ultra Naté -Automatic(Dirty)

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And the newest a Portable Freestanding St. Andrew's Cross that breaks down into only 7 pieces and fits in the trunk of a car.

A portable inclined Spanking Bench

(See Below)

"Dominants do not Control .

.........They Inspire!!"

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