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The Legal Stuff


EvilToys, Unlimited and any affiliates, employees or representatives do not warrant any products found on EvilToys, Unlimited website ( for any specfic use and makes no guarantees, explicit or implied, thereof. The client assumes all liability for how they choose to use the products purchased and so releases EvilToys, Unlimited and any affiliates, employees or representatives from any all liability.

For defects in manufacturing, EvilToys, Unlimited will correct the defect or replace the product at their discretion. EvilToys, Unlimited assumes the cost of shipping and handling when a defect is discovered to be present in the manufactured product. If no defect in manufacturing is validated the client is responsible for any and all shipping and handling charges. A defect is defined as:gross and visible damage; or missing parts required for assembly; or cracked boards or pieces which do not fit together in any capacity; or other possible damages as determined by EvilToys, Unlimited quality control.


EvilToys, Unlimited, any affiliates, employees or representatives will not share any personal or identifying information without the expressed written consent of the client to be disclosed. Personal or identifying information is to include, but not limited to: name(s), address(es), phone number(s), email address(es), website(s), invoice(s), correspondence(s), and or any other information obtained or discussed with the client in any media format.


Shipping & Handling charges include the cost(s) of shipping the product via Ground shipping (other rates can be obtained by direct quotation) and the cost(s) of all boxing supplies and protective internal packaging .

International shipping is via UPS International is available


A. GENERAL -No fabrication or construction will begin until a minimum 50% deposit is received and verified. If the order is placed through the internet via PayPal the the project will be placed immediately in queue for production and a confirmation email will be sent including an estimated time-frame for completion and shipping.


PayPal is the preferred method of payment. Bank drafts will be accepted, but will delay production until received and funds have cleared.


Because of the handmade custom nature of products; all sales are final. Please review the Warranties & Guarantees above sections in case of defects.


EvilToys, Unlimited and all employees, agents, and representatives, promote only consensual and safe practices among consenting adults. It is illegal for any individual to impose themselves upon another, sexually or non-sexually, without consent. The practice of BDSM and/or D/s operates within an understanding between two individuals, who are adults, and understand the nature of the exploration and roleplay. It is never acceptable to engage in non-consensual sexual acts, and it is never acceptable to engage in any sexual activity with someone that is impaired or not of legal and adult age.       

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