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David Sanders - Mc Calla, AL

Just a note to express my pleasure with your St. Andrews. Past weekend it was unveiled to a small old group of Friends. The unsolicited compliments were like " excellent build quality" 'great finish and color "from the Gentleman, to " "Just ---yum!" from a Globally experienced Kinkster Lady.

Being portable is going to be quite handy soon. A special water side scene is being planned.

Thanks Guys.



Mike Kaiser-Sissons - FL


We bought our first flogger this weekend at your place in Sawmill. The gentleman was so helpful with guiding us and what we ended up with was in our budget and way nicer than we had even hoped for. We look forward to buying more products from your business. Thanks!

I have had a "Dungeon In A Box" for over a year now and love it.

EvilToy's, Unlimited gave me just what I wanted and I recommend them on my website

Stephen DeMatteis, PhD

How was the Spanking Horse?

Hey man, the condition was fine, all good. It’s a great piece…

As for suggestions, some kind of carrying handles somewhere would be helpful, as well as attachment points at the bottom… will let you know if have any more specific suggestions, but we definitely dig it overall. Thanks!

Joesph B.

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